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Club dogs must be 1 year old to participate in jumping and using the larger equipment. This age stipulation is due to the dogs maturing process, the growth plates are delicate at a young age, and therefore it is important to limit exercise especially jumping so as not to cause any problems later on in life. However, it is also a wonderful chance to socialise younger dogs and puppies and for them to be introduced to our two different tunnels. Encouraging the dogs through these is not always as easy as it seems! The charge for the morning is £4 per dog but if you have more than one club dog, you will be charged £4 for the first dog and £3 for every other dog you work. There is a much needed tea break during agility, at which time refreshments are available for a very small fee. If you would like to come along then please observe the following ~ You will need a small water bowl for your dog, dog treats, an enthusiastic dog and a burst of energy (to keep up with your enthusiastic dog lol!) and a seat. Suitable footwear for going around the course with your dog as the ground can be a little uneven in places. Keep dogs on lead and under control when other dogs are working. Where possible, please avoid tying your dogs lead to the fence posts as it weakens the fence. Please pick up any poop and place in the buckets provided (with shovel). Do not bag it up. Please tidy up after you. Remember, this is someone’s home.          
Whist enjoying the weather and surroundings always keep a watchful eye on your dog(s) Agility is not only a lot of fun and exercise for the dogs but it is also a great form of mental stimulation as the dogs learn to think about the different commands and actions needed to overcome the various pieces of equipment. Camberley BAGSD are annually invited to a small number of summer events, (school fetes and summer shows) to bring a team of dogs to put on an agility display. These are always a great crowd pleaser at such events. Not only does this afford us the opportunity to promote this wonderful breed, it enables us to raise money for our chosen charities and also give the children watching, a chance to meet our ‘big dogs’ and have a go at taking the dogs around some of the equipment (with the assistance of the handler of course!) which the children love to do. The team is put together shortly before each event and whether you are running a dog or not, it is always nice to have the support of members at the events, if only to hold the charity collection buckets or simply to come along, watch and enjoy the day.
Agility is run on Sunday mornings from April through to October (weather permitting) with a couple of weeks break in August. Time is from 10am –Midday (ish)


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