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With effect from Thurs 8th Sept 2022 the class Instructors will be as follows:

Puppy Class ~ Jacqui Cadec

Pre Beg Class ~ Sue Napper

Beg Class ~ Doug Lewis

Novice Class ~ Ruth Dodridge

Our Obedience classes are held on Thursday evenings at:

Puppy Class (up to 6 months) - 7.30 - 8.30

- Socialising your puppy, teaching basic manners, how to walk to heel on lead, basic recalls and learning stays. 

Puppy Plus (5/6 - 9 months) - 8.35 - 9.35 ~ 

8th Sep 22Due to shortage of Instructors, this class is currently unavailable but please contact Sue Napper for alternative class.

- This class will start to focus more on the same work as in the Pre Begs class below, without the 'play element' of the Puppy class.

Pre-Beginners - 7:35 - 8:35

- Perfecting heel on lead, recall with present (sitting straight in front of handler), 30 second sit stay, 1 minute down stay, finish (dog to enter heel position at handlers left side after recall.) 

Beginners - 8:35 - 9:35

- Teaching heel free (no lead), 1 minute sit stay, 2 minute down stay, retrieve (toy or dumb bell), recall with finish. 

Novice - 9:35 - 10:35

 - Teaching retrieve with dumb bell only, perfecting heel on lead and heel free, recall with finish, 2 minute sit stay, 3 minute down stay.

(Novice class will also contain some "A" class work, including Send Away, Scent Discrimination, Change of Pace Heel work, Distance Control, Advanced Sit, Stand, Down Heel work, Out of Sight Stays)

 - Progress tests are held up to 3 times per year, this offers you a chance to win a rosette (up to 6th place) and to qualify to move up to the next class! (Please note that you must have attended at least 6 weeks of classes during the 12 weeks to be able to be placed!) Progress tests are voluntary, you do not have to take part in them if you do not wish too.                          


- Class fees are on a ' pay as you go', weekly basis.  We do not ask for a 'set amount of weeks' block booking in advance. There is a charge of £4.00 per class per dog, if you have more than one dog, you will be charged £4.00 for the first dog and £3.00 for every other dog you work. Membership of the BAGSD is required should you wish to continue to attend classes at the club after an initial visit, please see the membership fees page for information on the cost of this.

- We also offer a discount for Senior age members - £3.00 for your first dog and £2.50 for every other dog you work. 

- Refreshments are available during classes for a small fee.

- If your dog is over 9 months, we recommend that you bring him or her to the Pre-Beginners class so that they can be assessed as to which class they should be placed in. We welcome German Shepherds of all ages and experience.


Please bring the following items when you attend your training class :-

- Reward item (treats or tug toy)

- Toy or dumb bell (it is better NOT to use a toy such as a ball which moves around a lot.)

- Scent cloth (These can be borrowed from the trainers if you do not have one - it is a square piece of cloth between 6"x 6" & 10"x 10")

- Send Away Article - This can be a treat, a piece of mat, a tin with treats inside, etc 

- Lead - Please make sure the lead you use for training is suitable, it should be leather or nylon/fabric (no metal chain leads, they will hurt your hands and are totally unsuitable!) and ideally be able to clip into a "loop" so that you can wear it when you are working your dog off lead. 

- Half check collar, flat collar, or check chain (advice can be obtained at club for the correct fitting of these) Please make sure your dog only wears ONE of these when training.

- Last but most important of all...a happy voice! Your dog will respond to training much better if he/she knows they are pleasing you!!


PLEASE NOTE - "prong/pinch" collars and shock/static collars are BANNED at all BAGSD branches! If you bring your dog wearing either of these, you will be asked to remove it - failure to do so will result in your not being allowed to train your dog at our club.


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